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Respite Care

If you provide respite care, to a senior or special needs adult, and are in need of quality respite care in Goa Maharashtra, you have come to the right place. Professional Caretakers has excelled in this area of in-home care since we opened for business in 2017.

Our family-owned and locally based company offers caregivers support. By stepping in with our qualified staff of caretakers, we allow you to step away from the non-stop duties that come with caring for a family member.

It’s Important To Reach Out For Help
One common mistake that many caretakers make is that they try to do everything themselves. This is especially true for adult children who are caring for an aging parent. They feel like it is their duty to handle every single one of their loved one’s needs.

By trying to weather the 24/7 nature of this task, you risk a lot of things:

Not getting an adequate amount of sleep, which affects job performance
Getting burned out
The inability to focus
Let your personal affairs lose priority
Time away from the rigors of care taking is important, which is why our respite care in Goa Maharashtra is so beneficial. Professional Caretakers provides flexible scheduling — you can call and set up your service schedule ahead of time, or have the peace of mind knowing that our staff is available and on-call 24 hours a day.

Many of our clients call us on an as-needed basis to provide care for a night away from the house, during business trips or longer excursions from home like vacations.

Whether you book in advance or need spur-of-the-moment help, we have staff members who can be there to lend a hand when your usual caretaker isn’t available.  While we’re there, we’ll be glad to help out around the house, cook, feed the cat, let the dog out or play checkers with your loved one.

Focusing On Independence And Dignity
These two characteristics are not always tied in with all forms of senior care. At Professional Caretakers, we feel that it is important to serve our patients in a way that they are able to maintain fulfilling and independent lives. When seniors know they are receiving personal treatment from compassionate caregivers, their dignity remains intact.

We purposely recruited caretakers that deliver this approach of in-home assistance. These qualified men and women can handle all the day-to-day activities around the home including cooking, cleaning, providing transportation, personal hygiene and more. We carefully pair our caretakers with a patient. If the patient is unhappy with their caretaker, we will provide a new one until the right match is made.

Call Professional Caretakers at +91-909-639-9661today for helpful respite care!

We will help you strike the proper balance in your life!

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